Digital Marketing – 5 Trending Strategies To Implement Before 2020

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We have entered an age where taking your business strategies to the internet is essential to achieve success. Even when setting up a website and configuring social media profiles for your business, however, this isn’t nearly enough anymore. According to one report, an estimated 88% of business owners do not feel satisfied with the conversion rate they are achieving with an existing digital marketing strategy.

Even though many are struggling to keep on top with digital marketing and running an online business, an estimated 25% of the global population will buy something online by the end of 2019. In the next two years, more than two billion consumers will turn to the internet to buy goods and services.

One of the most important strategies to implement is to keep up with the latest trends in digital marketing. By ensuring you add these to your existing plan, you can keep up with the competition – or potentially even surpass your competitors by reaching customers first or serving the right content to them. We take a look at five of the most essential trending digital marketing strategies you need to add to your plan before 2020.

1. Serve Up Personalized Content In Your Digital Marketing Strategy

One of the most important trends that we are seeing in digital marketing today is the personalization of content that is delivered to an audience. One survey found that 63% of internet users feel dissatisfied with the fact that advertising is still very generic on most platforms. Furthermore, the same survey found that about 80% of people feel more likely to engage and deal with a business who puts in some extra effort to ensure their experience with the company’s website and other content is personalized.


Personalization in your digital marketing strategy really depends on what your business offers the consumer, and where your content is being served. One example would be setting up cookies so that you can determine what content on your company’s blog your visitors are reading mostly. You can then customize the front page of your website when the visitor comes back to display content that is more relevant to that person’s particular interests.

There are many other examples of how a digital marketing strategy can be personalized toward each person landing on your website – and there are even several systems available to help you automate this entire process.

One of the best ways to go about the process of personalization is to collect some data from the user. If you set up a system on your website where the visitor can sign up for a newsletter or better, register an account, then you can collect some vital information from them. Ask the visitor to fill out a form with relevant questions – and then set up a system that will take this information into account when delivering content to the lead.

Personas is another way of improving the “personal” feeling that your brand is able to deliver through its digital marketing techniques. With a persona, you would create a “virtual person” that would represent your brand’s digital marketing content. Do some research to find the type of person you are ideally targeting – when you have enough data collected, you can set up a persona that your target audience will be able to connect with. In turn, this will feel much more personal for those consumers you want to come over to your website and ultimately turn into customers.

Another important way of personalizing your digital marketing strategy is to engage more with your customers. Even when they are only a lead, get in touch with them. Do not only rely on automated emails. Try to get in touch with people who subscribe to your newsletter. See if they have any questions related to your brand or the products you have to offer. This could help to spark engagement and ultimately lead to a successful conversion.

2. Focus More On Video Content

People used to spend time on a web page reading more about the brand or product that they were interested in. Times have changed, though, and the average person does not have enough time to sit in front of their computer to read through a lengthy post about what your product can do for them. Instead, they want a more engaging and dynamic way of learning more – but still, need enough information to help drive the decision that they will make.

This is exactly where video content comes into the picture. Video content is becoming increasingly popular. YouTube, the biggest video sharing platform on the internet, has almost two billion users who log in and watch videos once or more per month. About 60% of people now seem to prefer watching video content on the internet compared to a live television subscription service.


One study among business owners who implement digital marketing strategies found that 72% of those who use video content admits that this type of media has definitely had a positive impact on the conversion rate observed. Furthermore, the same study found that more than half of internet users feel that a video related to a product that is interested in helps to drive their decision. Furthermore, it was found that 68% of consumers prefer to watch a video over a presentation, a sales call, or reading a post on a website if they want to learn more about a specific product that they might be interested in.

YouTube is one of the important platforms that you should target with your video content, but definitely not the only system you want your videos to be published on. Facebook and Instagram are both excellent platforms for posting video content, too, and for businesses who target corporate clients, publishing this type of media on LinkedIn can be helpful too.

Video content on your website also has benefits for your search rankings. According to one publication, a web page’s ability to rank on the first page of Google is increased by about 53 times when there is a video on the page.

3. Live Broadcasting

While we are on the subject of video content being part of your marketing strategy, do not overlook the important role that live broadcasting can play as well. This is also one of the latest trends – and if you do not implement the strategy soon, you will quickly learn that your brand is falling behind. Thousands of businesses have already started to implement a live video feed into their digital marketing strategy – and this is currently one of the best ways to engage with your target audience, while also building trust and a name for your brand.

Periscope has become a popular option, which is a platform by Twitter that allows you to broadcast live video content to your followers. Apart from Periscope, you can also set up live video content on Facebook and Instagram. If you need to target a more corporate target market, then you might consider broadcasting live to your followers and audience on LinkedIn.

Many business owners might find it hard to come up with a good topic for live broadcasting. The idea here is to create something that will help to engage with your target audience, but without being “boring”- as this will cause people watching to sign out of the live broadcast.

Try to think of interesting topics related to the niche of your business targets. If you are a personal trainer, you might have a live broadcast that showcases your clients in action. Just be sure to ask the permission of the client before going live. You could also set up a live broadcast where you give your audience helpful tips – and even allow them to ask questions while you are filming.

4. Take Advantage Of Chatbots

Customer service is one of the most critical ways to keep those people interested in buying from you satisfied, and to ensure your existing customers can obtain the support they need. Unfortunately, you may find yourself busy with other tasks and do not have enough time to also attend to messages that are sent by your customers on your website, via email, or perhaps through your company’s Facebook page.


Chatbots have become the convenient answer to dealing with customers without having to be online 24/7. A chatbot is, just as the name implies, a bot that is developed to chat. In this case, a chatbot is designed to interact with your customers.

The specific method of integration here will depend on a few factors. You might consider setting up a Chatbot that focuses on serving customers on your Facebook page. This allows visitors to your page and even existing customers to communicate with you (and your Chatbot) through the official Facebook Messaging app and platform. Alternatively, you can install a chatbot with a live chat feature directly on your website or get people to add your business profile on Telegram, where you can also develop a custom chatbot.

There are many options available if you are looking to take advantage of what a chatbot is able to bring to the table. While you can go the custom route, it would be much more cost-efficient to use an existing chatbot simply. These tools are usually very easy to install, and they tend to be affordable too. Once you have created an account, you will have to spend some time “training” the bot, but as customers use it, the artificial intelligence software behind the chatbot will continue to learn and improve consistently.

5. Don’t Forget To Update Your Story

Social media stories are also quickly taking over the business world and has become one of the most trending strategies for digital marketers this year. A variety of these implementations can now be found on different social media platforms, giving you the ability to add an additional way of engaging with your audience to your digital marketing strategy


One of the first of the kind to be launched was the YouTube Reels feature. Shortly following this, we saw Skype Highlights, as well as Facebook Stories and Messenger Day. Apart from these, don’t forget to utilize Instagram Stories, WhatsApp Status, and SnapChat Stories.

All of these features can significantly drive up the engagement you have with your audience – because these stories will display at a location that most people will browse through each day. Your status or story update will show alongside ones from other contacts connected to the consumer – and by thoroughly optimizing and being creative, you can definitely capture their attention.

Concluding Digital Marketing Strategies To Be Implemented Before 2020

The digital marketing world is consistently changing, and failing to keep up with these trends will leave your business behind the competition. The good news is, implementing some of the more recent digital market trends does not have to be a tedious task. We looked at five of the most important trends that you should consider adopting before the end of the year 2019 – you are sure to see an improvement in your conversions and overall brand exposure!

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