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Content Metrics And Your Bottom Line


Vince Lombardi once said, “The measure of who we are, is what we do with what we have.” It follows in marketing as well; the measure of our narrative is the story we are already telling every day. After all, the grand measure of our “narrative” in the end, is demonstrated plainly by how effectively we are able to sell our product. It doesn’t always come down to spending more money. More often, the easy money is made in the more intuitive execution of your current strategy. How do we gain that special insight? Content metrics…

What Are Content Metrics?

Content metrics are those data that allow us to understand how our customers are interacting with our content, and which content is performing the way we’re expecting. It’s usually the difference between understanding why your website is performing and making money, and why or how it’s failing. For example, one of the most important content metrics that require a deep understanding is Customer Acquisition Cost. 

Customer Acquisition Cost

No rule in business is more plainly understood than that of Cost Vs. Value.  If it costs you more to obtain and keep a customer than you ultimately profit, you’re piloting a losing course.   How is your CAC tallied up? CAC is calculated by simply adding all existing marketing costs during a given time period e.g. (standard business quarter) and then dividing that amount by the number of new customers obtained. If you’re underwater on this number, your business is likely losing money, and certainly, your marketing needs some realignment.

Organic CAC and Content

We’ve all heard it before, Measure twice, cut once.  How does it work in the world of content metrics? Without a solid baseline, it’s impossible to gauge real improvement. It’s vital to get a good unbiased read in the beginning.  There are many types of metrics related to content metrics, but one content metric you might consider is related to your cost without marketing.Recently, the term organic content has been applied to customer acquisition more and more in content metrics. If marketing costs are removed, we arrive at an intrinsic or “Organic” value. This is a good content metric to see the value of your content, and how it would perform if you were to “pull the plug” on your marketing efforts.

Traffic Sources

Once an accurate organic CAC has been established, we can take a hard look at another great content metric, our traffic sources. We can pinpoint the source of our traffic, such as where they’re being referred from and  what channel they came from, and the devices your customers are using.This will also help you to understand where it is your clients are currently marketing geographically. You can then adapt your content to optimize these sources, or pull the plug on bad sources and invest in more productive ones for your business.There is no one size fits all approach to content marketing except when it comes to its effectiveness, and content metrics are the key to understanding this

Some more Important Metrics

Ok, so now you’re grasping CAC and the traffic sources of your customer, what else should you be looking at?, It’s easy to establish the validity of existing third-party links just by doing a little digging to make sure they are an intuitive link and a good partner for your site.  With Google Analytics, you can easily see your bounce rate or percentage of customers that visited your site and then left without going to any other pages. A high bounce rate means that either most customers are getting exactly what they want without having to do any navigation, or they spend a moment or two on your site, and then “bounce.” Consumers aren’t simply swayed by glitz, there must be content or real meat behind those lights.

There’s always going to be the one-off, but that’s not what you’re here for. Business is about understanding your essential processes, and the customer journey is one of them.  With the help of essential metrics,

Your business can truly understand your current narrative through the eyes of your customer, identify their pain points and highlight your strengths in response. Over time, relationships are generated, fostered and reciprocated with authenticity. Take a look at your own content metrics to improve your bottom line, or contact us!

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