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Digital Marketing Campaign: The Role Of Landing Pages

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There is no doubt that digital marketing plays a key role in the success of any business today. Without taking your business to the internet and promoting to a broader audience, your brand is sure to get left behind. A digital marketing campaign is a multi-channel system, where different strategies need to come together to give you maximum exposure. As part of these channels that you utilize, including a landing page is surely something that you should consider, yet many businesses are currently not taking advantage of what this strategy is able to offer.

With only 22% of business owners stating that they are satisfied with the current conversion rate of their SEO and digital marketing campaigns, it might be time to look at what is missing from your own strategies. We take a look at why a landing page should be an essential part of your digital marketing campaign, and consider how you should set up landing pages to boost your conversions.

What Makes A Landing Page Different From Your Brand’s Official Website?

Before diving into the benefits that landing pages can bring your digital marketing campaign, it is a good idea to consider what makes these different from the official website that you already have up. A landing page usually has a very specific goal in mind – this is a major difference that should be noted.

The official website of your brand will usually contain detailed information about what your company is all about, the products and services you offer customers, and a few contact details.

When you decide to set up a landing page, the purpose behind this “mini-website” will usually be to promote a single product or service, or perhaps a promotion that your brand is running. You can use landing page as a lead magnet by setting up a free report and offer this to the visitor in exchange for their email address. You can promote your paid products or services once the lead has been captured.

The Benefits Of Using a Landing Page

As part of your digital marketing campaign, you want to maximize conversion rates, while also connecting with more people who fall within the category of your ideal target audience. These are specific goals that a landing page – or even a couple of landing pages – could definitely help with.

First of all, each of the landing pages you set up gives your brand an opportunity to make a great first impression. Every business owner knows that first impressions really do count – and when the impression you make is not good, the visitor is likely to hit that back button and visit a competitor’s website.

By setting up a professional landing page that gives the visitor access to exactly what they are looking for, then you make a good impression.

Another major benefit of turning to land pages as part of your digital marketing campaign is the ability to generate more leads. With a landing page, you get to promote a very specific service, product, or offering to the visitor. The landing page can be developed to capture a lead, or you can decide to sell a product or service directly on the page. With the targeted strategy offered by a landing page, the visitor is more likely to take action.

A strategy that includes landing pages also gives you an opportunity to test different marketing strategies, copy, and layouts. For example, you may decide to set up three different landing pages that promote the same offer. Each of these landing pages will have its own layout and copy. This gives you a chance to see what type of content performs better among your target audience – this data can then be used to implement more effective strategies in future campaigns.

Setting Up The Perfect Landing Page

When developing a landing page, there are a few things you should take note of.

The layout of your landing page is critical to its success. Make sure you have a user friendly layout that tells the visitor exactly what to expect from the page above the first fold of the page.

Video is something you definitely want to add to your landing pages. A recent report found that about 87% of marketers who focus on digital strategies have already turned to video content. In fact, 33% of all time spent on online activities are related to some type of video content.

shopping store landing page

While setting up a landing page, it is also important to include some type of call-to-action. This could be a link to a shopping cart or payment gateway, allowing the visitor to buy the product or service promoted. It could also be a lead capture form that allows the visitor to enter their name and email address, perhaps in exchange for a document related to something the person might be interested in.


A large collection of strategies should form part of a successful digital marketing campaign, and landing pages should definitely fit in somewhere. Setting up multiple landing pages to promote specific products and services allows you to do split testing, and gives you an opportunity to land more leads. With the right landing page strategy in play, you could drive up your conversion rates and gain more detailed information about your target audience.

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