Digital Marketing For Financial Advisors – Know The Basics

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While being employed as a financial advisor at a large firm does come with its perks, setting out to start your own venture in this industry can yield more profit, as well as additional advantages. By running your own business as a financial advisor, you gain more control over where you are headed, what type of clients you will be serving, and similar matters.

The major issue that does come to mind when considering to start your own business providing services as a financial advisor is establishing a name for yourself. While promoting your new business in a local region may still yield results, you need to ensure you do not miss out on the opportunity presented to you by the internet. Digital marketing for financial advisors is critical today, but you also need the right strategy. Read on to learn how you can develop an effective digital marketing strategy for your business.

Setting Up Your Website

The first step to establishing a presence for yourself when looking at digital marketing for financial advisors is to set up a website. Even when your target market is a local audience, getting a website up and running, that represents your company can greatly expand your reach. This will also help you build authority for yourself as a financial advisor while giving you an opportunity to have an online presence that represents you in a professional manner.

There are several advantages to having a website that represents your business. For one, a website is hosted on a server that is always operational. What this means is that your website can be accessed by potential clients no matter what time of the day it is – and when the time does not fall within your business hours, visitors can still learn more about you, what you offer, and even get in touch with you through a contact form.

Establishing Yourself On Social Media

Just as a website is important for your business, digital marketing for financial advisors also need to include a strong social media presence. This is a very professional type of business, so you might want to consider targeting LinkedIn first. This social media network has been rated as one of the top options for professionals looking to gain leads and potential clients.

Apart from LinkedIn, don’t overlook the potential of Facebook and other social networks as ways of expanding your reach, whether that be in a local area, Nationally, or around the globe.

Make sure to set up a professional profile, along with a profile photo and cover photo. Fill out your profile details. Then create a separate page on each social media platform that specifically provides details about your business.

Publish To Increase Your Credibility

Customers have lots of financial advisors to choose from today – and most of these will already be on the internet. When it comes to digital marketing for financial advisors, you need a strong content strategy that will put you above the competitors. Establishing credibility for yourself and your business is critical, and this may be a factor that causes a potential client to choose you over a competitor.

Consider starting a blog on your website. Write and publish content that is relevant. Make sure every piece you publish is well-written and also offers the reader a lot of value. They should be able to learn something from the post – that way, and you give them more reason to trust what you say and to trust in the services that you offer them.

In addition to publishing content on your blog, make sure you update your social media profiles frequently as well. Share insightful data related to the industry in these updates – and do not promote yourself or your services every time you publish something new.

Search Engine Optimization

As part of a digital marketing for financial advisors strategy, you should ensure you optimize your website for better search rankings. That means doing some keyword research to find what people are searching for when they are in need of a financial advisor, and then implementing these keywords in your website – try to include them on your general pages, as well as in blog posts.

You should also optimize title tags, meta descriptions, and ensure your posts are thorough and detailed when implementing a digital marketing for financial advisors strategy. This way, you keep people on your website longer, which ultimately contributes to better rankings.

If you do have a local office where you provide your services to clients, be sure to list your business on Google My Business. Get some local citations that point to your website too. These will all help you rank higher for people in the local area looking for a financial advisor.

Concluding Digital Marketing For Financial Advisors

Digital marketing for financial advisors gives you an opportunity to establish a name for your brand on the internet, which enables your business to attract a wider audience. This also allows you to take your service offerings from a regional scale to a more globally-focused model. We shared some essential tips that financial advisors should consider when promoting their new business on the internet.


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