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Dos and Don’ts of Local SEO

Do's and Don't's of Local SEO

Do's and Don't's of Local SEOSearch Engine Optimization is ever-changing. Businesses need to be aware of and keep up with every little change in order to maintain employing the best practices. Here are the dos and don’ts of local SEO for 2018:

Local SEO Dos

  • Optimize local pages for target local keywords
  • Have Google My Business Local pages for each local business location
  • Ensure that citations, NAP listings, and on-page address references are consistent
  • Use place schema to markup your address
  • Encourage your customers to leave reviews on Google and third-party websites
  • Use your customer email database to generate reviews from loyal customers
  • Build Google+ into your local search strategy to optimize for personalized search

Local SEO Don’ts

  • Make your information copy unnatural or spammy
  • Build Google Places pages that aren’t related to your physical address
  • Write your own or pay for fake reviews
  • Forget your online reputation and image

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