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Four Keys To Double Digit Sales Growth in 2019


Expanding the Journey

Conversion rate is one of the most forgotten areas for today’s businesses . A careful combination of copy writing, engineering, design and UX/UI is necessary before your leads can be turned into actual sales. It’s inevitable to lose some customers along the way (that’s why it’s called a funnel!), but even those can be kept to a minimum.

We’ve all heard the quote, the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Sometimes the customer journey feels like a thousand miles of spaghetti junction. How did they hear about you, how were they contacted in return? how, when and where were they when they decided to purchase? Our customers journey is one we all think we understand intimately but taking a closer look at a few key elements may mean the discovery of a world of new growth and sales opportunities.


The first step is to take a close look at operations. From the moment you turn on the lights, you set the expectation and the pattern for operations.  Your first touch sets a routine that has delivered success. However, sometimes we can blind ourselves in the habitual execution of day to day operations. Like a horse with blinders, you see the same thing each day. You consistently address the same performance indicators, produce the same reports, and continue to deliver the same results. So, where do you go from here?

Well, hidden just beneath the surface in the execution of your daily operations lies real value waiting to be leveraged. By taking some time to map out and internalize the customer journey, you can identify touchpoints, or every point at which you interact with your customer. Once a map has been drawn, suddenly out of the recesses of your operations comes the real message that your product is sending, and your persona becomes clear.


Now that the customer journey is mapped, and touchpoints are identified and understood, the results are exposed. The message you are sending, and how you are sending it becomes self evident. It also becomes easy to see if your message is effective. What degree of consistency does it carry across all channels of contact and delivery. How can you control intent? Are you using your customers journey to effectively control the need for your product?

In a recent newsletter from marketing weekly, they illustrated a wonderful example of how one team found a way. A couple of years ago, it seems Tourism Australia was trying to increase American tourism dollars.  Even though more Americans were travelling, the same number were visiting Australia each year.  When they looked at the pipeline, things appeared to be running as well as could be expected.  It wasn’t until comparing their own performance to that of their competitors, they realized where the problem was.

While Australia was converting a modest 30% from consideration to intent, the UK was converting a whopping 58% Several of their other competitors were seeing similar conversion rates. It was then that Tourism Australia could map touchpoints and then identify pain points and take it one step further to create a very successful campaign (maybe you remember the Superbowl ad where they faked the launch of a Hollywood blockbuster with Chris Hemsworth) that has widely been credited for a continual rise in american tourism revenue. Intent jumped to 80%!

Conversion into Sales

The quickest path to sales growth is a higher converting pipeline. Once we understand our buyers’ journey, we can develop a strategy to expand their experience, filling in the gaps and removing any pain points that are getting in the way of higher conversion rates.  The best marketing dollars are spent taking a closer look at how you do what you do from the customer’s perspective these days. Before you go off half cocked launching into a new stream of advertising, before you add a “digital marketing campaign” remember cultivating a deep understanding of your customer’s journey through mapping and analysis is the quickest way to realize the growth potential that you already possess.

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