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How to Develop a Killer Content Strategy for a Startup with No Budget

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Maximizing available resources is one of the most prevalent challenges for startups. Let’s tackle how to develop a killer content strategy without spending a single cent.


Save on your content marketing strategy – every paid online tool has a free counterpart.

  • Save money on tools – use tools such as Google Docs, WordPress, and other free web tools and plugins. Most of these only require you to create an account.
  • Save time – create in bulk, update immediately, plan ahead, and focus on the big stuff.


Understand your audience – Every single piece of content you create should manage to connect directly to your readers.

  • Use Google Forms to create surveys that will let you understand the frustrations, pains, and desires of your audience.
  • Ask correspondents for a brief 10-minute conversation with you on Google Hangouts.


Make an inventory of all current content – you need to know what you currently have in order to know what you still need.

  • Create a content master list on Google Sheets.
  • Update your master list each time you publish new content.


Decide what new content to create – compare your current content to what you’ve discovered in your earlier survey.

  • Create a master list of content ideas on Google Sheets.
  • Create a master list of resources you plan to use as inspiration for new content.


Create an editorial calendar – schedule when you’ll write, edit, and publish your planned content.

  • Create your editorial calendar using Google Calendar.
  • Once you’re comfortable with using the calendar, you can increase the volume little by little.

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