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How to Make Money with Instagram Stories

Make Money with Instagram Stories

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media sites today. Here are the most effective ways to make money through Instagram Stories: 


Publish Sponsored Posts for Brands 

Online Shop on Instagram

Many businesses are willing to pay influencers to endorse their brand, product, or service. Just be selective about what brands to recommend to your audience so you don’t compromise your integrity. 


Become an affiliate 

Instagram business with Bitly

You can drive sales for a partner brand using your Instagram Stories. Make sure you use URL shorteners like Bitly to make your affiliate links more appealing. 


Open Your Own Online Store 

Business Posts on Instagram

It’s easier to write compelling stories if you are in full control of the narrative. You’ll have this is you are marketing your own business instead of another brand. 


Sell Your Photos Online 

500 px image

Instagram is a photo-sharing app to its core. You can use stories to market your photography skills or the photos themselves then list the images in marketplaces such as 500px and Twenty20. 

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