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Let it Grow! Organic Lead Generation & Conversion

Where is the well? We all know that quality lead generation is the core of any marketing plan.  Without quality actionable leads there is no well, and just like Ben Franklin pointed out, there’s nothing like a dry well to underscore the value of water. So, where do you get your leads, are you digging in the right places?

One could always take the obvious approach and pay for it. Paid Leads or PPL services are a surefire way to generate immediate and actionable leads. Incentivized by your long term success, many companies even offer refunds for “bad” leads. You don’t even need a website to take advantage of PPLs, the only thing you need is a phone number and a message.  All of that being said, one of the biggest cons to PPL lead generation is there inherently poor quality, which translates into wasted time, and a direct hit to the bottom line.

Another approach boasts a cool moniker but in essence, is as old as marketing itself. Organic or Inbound Lead generation; just like the name suggests, organic leads are “natural,” or the ones that come from those that  are already walking through your door. No additives, no preservatives, no hormones, just simple and effective understanding of the customer journey. Most likely they found you when doing a blind search for the service or product you offer, but letting your customers come to you over time, and constantly working to nurture and expand that relationship is the most effective path to conversion. Here’s a look at best practices for some key ingredients to effective organic marketing.

In the beginning the Internet was without form or void. And then there was the blog. And the blog was good.  The current bedrock of digital content marketing, blogging is simply a value added approach. Or the ability to deliver more than the customer expects, providing opportunities to engage with your brand in ways that exceed the actual purchase.  By offering authentic, regular and relevant content, you offer something the customer didn’t expect without ever asking for payment. You engender trust and confidence, and create a space where your customers can come to get “expert” advice. 

One great blogging hack to keep in mind is the value of the update. By simply updating old blogs you may have produced with new and relevant information, you provide an added value to previous readers of your blog. You can send them a personal message to let them know about the valuable updates to the blog that they might find useful. 

This brings us to another “Organic” tactic, Email.  On the surface, you may hear the words email marketing, and immediately feel a wave of revulsion. This is the part where authenticity comes in. Instead of trying to inundate the customer with a marketing message, think about what the customer really wants, and what they really need. Don’t worry if what they want, isn’t the “message.”  Deliver the authentic relationship first, and make that your message.

Other ways to build organic leads may include producing ebooks or white sheets, hosting webinars, developing microsites, or podcast appearances. Most strategies are centered around the digital, however organic marketing efforts, can be as simple as getting the team together to participate in a local service project, maybe even sponsoring an event or acting as a guest speaker.  

There are many ways to find and boost the quality of your organic leads but the key ingredient is authenticity. If you lead what you want to sell with what you honestly have to offer, the customers won’t stop coming to you.

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