Earny, Your Personal Money Back Assistant

Shopping for items online is a regular thing in this era. People search for good finds with a low price most of the time. However, there are times when the item bought on a regular price today becomes on sale and discounted tomorrow. Do not fret. Missing a sale is not big deal anymore, thanks to Earny.


Earny, The Automated Consumer Advocate Service

Earny is a personal assistant platform that keeps track of price changes, follows through, and refunds money. The application analyzes the receipts of purchases and compares it with the existing prices online. If prices of items drop, customers earn their money back.

From inspiration to application

Earny is your personal price protection assistant.This handy creation comes from a team of Israeli developers who did some personal shopping then later finding the same items online for less. The said developers realized the opportunity to automate the process of price protection for consumers. Company CEO Oded Vakrat claims that the platform reduces item return rates because customers become satisfied from their purchases.


It’s simple to have money back

Earny is an app that puts your credit cards to work for you.

In order to enjoy money back when prices of items go lower, install the application via Google Play or App Store. Based on receipts from a consumer’s inbox, the platform will search for price drops on one’s purchases and claim the differences. The user becomes notified for every refund available. According to Michele, one of Earny’s customers, “it’s more than worth the 2 minutes to sign up and use. It’s always lame to purchase something just to see it go on sale next day/week.”

This recent development in online shopping and price protection is very advantageous to consumers. Individuals may now stop overpaying when shopping and just wait for refunds to come in.


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