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IGTV monetization - make money on instagram

IGTV Monetization: Is It Possible?

Instagram launched almost a decade ago and has since grown into the world’s most popular photo and video sharing app. More than four billion posts are liked on the platform each day, and almost 100 million new posts are published to the platform. In 2018, Instagram decided to expand on its offerings by introducing the launch of Instagram TV, also known as IGTV.

After Instagram posted an official announcement for the launch of IGTV on the 20th of June 2018, many creators quickly started to rush to the platform to take advantage of the features. This allowed people to create useful content for their fans – the idea behind IGTV is to provide long-format video content that holds real value.

Monetization Methods For IGTV

Instagram’s TV feature made quite a wave after the company officially announced it, but publishers had one concern – if they spend time and resources to create content, how will they be able to monetize their efforts.

Unfortunately, to date, Instagram has not yet revealed official plans for implementing a native advertising platform that could award creators for the video content they upload to the IGTV platform. Some publications have noted that Instagram is currently exploring different ways in which they can allow creators to monetize the platform and earn an incentive for the hard work they do when they create new content for this platform.

Even though there are no official monetization programs implemented into the IGTV platform yet, this does not mean creators are completely helpless when it comes to earning some cash for the content they create. The goal here is to be a little creative – in order to monetize content that is published to IGTV, and creators need to think outside the box.

Publishers who have an existing brand can easily incorporate products, services, and other details into a video that they upload to the IGTV platform. This way, they are able to drive traffic back to their online properties, which could definitely land the brand some extra leads and possibly even drive their sales numbers up.

For internet marketers who are producing informative content that educates their audience, a range of different opportunities would also be available. Whether a thorough tutorial is provided on the platform or the publisher is providing a lesson on a useful topic, it would still be possible to integrate details on a website or blog that the publisher runs. This way, the audience can be motivated to visit the website to find out more about the publisher and their content – which, in turn, could land them clicks.


IGTV has become a popular platform for creators and fans alike. While the platform is growing quickly, Instagram is yet to reveal a native ad format or another type of monetization strategy. This, however, does not mean creators are not able to take advantage of IGTV in order to obtain leads and new customers. Creative thinking can help a business grow when they take to IGTV with their marketing efforts.


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