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Morning Recovery – the Hangover Killer!

morning recovery drink

Finally, it is possible to party all night without sacrificing the next day’s productivity! Morning Recovery combines the latest in science and technology with tried and tested ingredients to make sure that you won’t be bothered by a hangover tomorrow regardless of how much alcohol you drink today.morning recovery ingredientsMorning Recovery uses cutting-edge techniques to extract Dihydromyricetin (DHM) from the Japanese raisin tree Hovenia Dulcis. DHM prevents hangover by augmenting the ability of the liver to break down toxins minimizing the rebound effect of alcohol on the brain. So now, you can drink the night away and wake up the following morning feeling like nothing happened.

hangover drink

Morning Recovery has taken the alcohol-loving community by storm. Just a few weeks after the product was launched in Silicon Valley, the startup that created it started receiving orders in the tens of thousands. The company sold one million dollars’ worth of Morning Recovery in the first three months. Even more remarkable is that until today, over 50% of new customers come back to purchase more.

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